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Introduction to gloss and application of stainless steel
Surface Finish Desciption Application
No 1 This face is created by the heat treatment process, or by the next work process according to the hot rolled report Used for making tanks, industrial tanks, pipes ...
2D Shade. This shade is created after cold rolling, heat treatment, surface bleaching or other similar processes Heat exchanger, exhaust, livestock industry, ...
2B Gloss (slightly brighter than 2 D) is produced after cold rolling by heat treatment and surface bleaching or similar processes. After the cold rolling is a surface to surface to become brighter. Thanks to the light and smooth surface, it is easy to grind to a brighter surface Making medical equipment, food industry, construction materials, kitchenware, household items ...
No 3 Polished to scratches N0 100 -120 standard Japan JIS R6001 Making kitchenware, building works, entrance of buildings, elevator ...
No 4 Polished to scratches N0 150 -180 according to Japanese standard JIS R6002 For buildings, entrances to buildings, elevator, stalls ...
BA Shadow mirror. Heat treatment to brighten after cold rolling. It can mirror the mirror Making kitchenware, electrical appliances, construction works, kitchenware, household items ...
HL Surface with stripe hair or vein like satin, polished to scratches N0150 -240 Making kitchenware, building works, entrance of buildings, elevator ...
No 8 The surface can be mirrored, made up of polished scratches at a finer level Used as a mirror, reflectors, interior decoration, elevator ...
Other decorative shades Experienced in the process of: abrasion, polishing by machine, polishing with soft cloth, surface engraving, color change, acid carving ... to create various surfaces suitable with the requirements Different. Used for decorative advertising, especially in interior decoration, architecture


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